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Honda vehicles are  well-known for their reliability and longevity, which is one reason why the brand is so popular for a wide variety of drivers. Even though a Honda is known for going the distance, it's still important to keep up with regular maintenance regardless of if you have your model for a lease or are planning to hit the 100k mile club that so many Honda drivers belong too.

At our service center our trained technicians know your vehicle like the back of their hand and will keep it in tip-top shape. below are specials we're running on our most common services ranging from the humble (but important) tire rotation to a new timing belt installation. Our techs will also work closely with our parts team in getting you any genuine parts that may be needed to complete a service!

Whether you bought your Honda from us or not, we want to work with you and your vehicle and have you feeling safe and confident on the road!

Service Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am-1:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Lube, Oil & Filter

(Oil and filter change with complimentary multi-point inspection - convenient while-you-wait-service. Performed by Honda-trained technicians with Honda Genuine Parts.)
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Tire Rotation

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(Adjust caster, camber & toe-in as needed. Check suspension, steering linkage & steering rack preload. Inspect wheels & tires.  Adjust tie rods as needed to center steering wheel. Road Test)
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Tire Rotation & Road Force Balance

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Tire Rotation & Standard Balance

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Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

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Cabin Air Filter

(Blocks dust, pollen, mold spores & other pollutants from your passenger cabin.  HEPA filter technology)
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Brake Fluid Exchange

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Engine Air Filter

(Changing your engine air filter is vital to your engine's long life and can help improve your gas mileage)
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Antifreeze/Coolant Drain & Fill

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Power Steering Flush

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Timing Belt Replacement

(We will install a Honda Genuine timing belt* and inspect the water pump/crankshaft seals & other belts *Not all vehicles have timing belts. Check the owner's manual or contact us)
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Battery Replacement

(Have a Honda genuine battery installed and drive away confidently! Includes our 100-month limited warranty)
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Front Brake Special

(Replace front pads, resurface discs/calipers (or drums/cylinders) and inspect fluid, lines, hoses and master cylinder)
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Nitrogen Tire Replacement

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