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Advantages to Financing a Honda

Financing a new car purchase is the most traditional way of getting into a new car. It starts with a down-payment that can include your trade-in. From there you will have monthly payments that typically last for up to 60 months. At the end of that period, you own the car.

  • The car is yours to do with what you please.
  • Eventually, your car payment goes away.
  • No mileage restrictions.
  • You can sell the car whenever you want, as long as it's paid off or you can pay off the loan in the process of selling.
 Financing is best if…
  1. You drive a lot.
  2. You want to own a vehicle.
  3. You want to sell the car in the future.

Advantages to Leasing a Honda

Leasing a car is a lot like renting a car except it’s a long-term solution and it’s more affordable. When you lease, you provide a small down payment and select your term length and mileage limit. At the end of a lease, you can select a new lease or buy the car for its residual value.

  • Keeps you in a new car.
  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Lower down payment.
  • Most term lengths and agreements keep you under warranty throughout the lease as long as you don’t exceed mileage.
 Leasing is best if…
  1. You don’t drive a lot.
  2. You want to have the latest tech.
  3. You only want to drive cars under warranty.

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